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Codima Videos

Watch our videos for more information on how the Codima Toolboxes can help with Data and VoIP Network Management.

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Overview Videos

Get acquainted with our Toolboxes
Introduction to the Tools in the Codima Toolbox50 min
Codima Toolbox Descriptions3 min

Toolbox Tours

Get to know our Toolboxes better with these short video presentations
IT Inventory & Mapping Toolbox10 min
IT Engineer Toolbox14 min
VoIP Readiness Toolbox12 min
VoIP Monitoring & Troubleshooting Toolbox8 min

Features & Benefits

Discover how our Toolboxes will save you time, resources and money
IT Inventory and Mapping Toolbox27 min
IT Engineer Toolbox15 min
VoIP Readiness Toolbox10 min
VoIP Monitoring & Troubleshooting Toolbox28 min
Common Tools17 min

'How To' Tutorials

Get free training on using the tools in our Toolboxes with these step-by-step video guides
How To Install and Load5 min
How to deploy Codima Toolbox- Learn how to deploy the Codima Toolbox, how to connect it to the network. Learn how to configure the toolbox to use multiple Network Interface Cards7 min
How to start discovery and produce Asset Inventory Reports8 min
How to start discovery and produce topology drawings in Visio13 min
How to export Asset information to Excel spreadsheets6 min
How to Customize Visio® Views12 min
How to change Visio® View Layout4 min
How to customise the Codima Discovery Engine- Learn how to improve your Visio drawings by enhancing the Device Library to add unknown device types prior to drawing production, learn how to edit device information post discovery and add user comments.11 min
How to set SNMP Polling Policy and isolate Bottlenecks18 min
How to Stress Test Networks Pre Deployment21 min
How to Start Post Deployment QoS Measurement14 min
How to Monitor and Troubleshoot VoIP networks Part 1- Covers the Troubleshooting Dashboard6 min
How to Monitor and Troubleshoot VoIP networks Part 2- Covers the Traffic Police Dashboard, VoIP Server Analysis Dashboard, Registrations Analysis Dashboard and Phone Software Analysis Dashboard6 min
How to use Frame Flow Analyzer5 min
How to capture, filter and save frames- Learn how to capture frames, save to frame files, create and run post and pre capture frame filters 15 min
How to view live traffic trends- Learn how to view real time trend patterns covering Frames distribution, Broadcasts, Bit rate, Protocols, Priorites, Frame Size and ICMP Reports8 min
How to use Protocol Expert System - Learn how to use the Protocol Expert system to analyse frames in the capture buffer and in pre saved frame files4 min
How to use IP Pinger tool10 min
How to use Codima Toolbox Alarm System16 min
How to use Automated Correlation Engine9 min
Reports Manager - Overview and Applications10 min
How to use Reports Manager17 min
How to do SNMP Agent Mib Walks5 min
How to browse SNMP Agents4 min
How to install, configure and use the SQL Call Logging tool8 min
How to configure, connect with and operate Remote Systems17 min

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