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•October 13, 2011
Codima Inc. Announces Its Copper Wire Granulator Is Now Operational
•October 10, 2011
Codima Inc. Announces FINRA Approval for 10% Forward Split
•September 27, 2011
Codima Inc Announces Agreement With AERC Recycling
•September 15, 2011
Codima Inc announces as a new customer Reginald Lee s.a. bottling company for Coca-Cola Argentina
•August 08, 2011
Codima Inc Announces Obsolete and Surplus Telecom and Networking Equipment Recovery Program
•July 21, 2011
Codima Inc. Announces the Addition of a New Facility in NY
•July 15, 2011
Codima Announces Its 1-855-4ESCRAP Initiative
•June 15, 2010
Codima Inc. (CDMA) Announces Codima Green Partnership with Recycling Leader
•May 25, 2010
Codima Inc. (CDMA) Introduces Codima Green - Offering Electronics Waste Recycling Services
•May 18, 2010
Codima Inc. (CDMA) expands Corporate organization-appoints executive Marty Schell
•May 12, 2010
Codima Inc. (CDMA) Launches Fully Integrated Network Management Technology Introducing Five New Specialized Toolboxes Tailored To Meet User Demand For One Stop Solutions
•April 26, 2010
Codima Inc. (CDMA) Unveils Codima Toolbox 6.9. - Introducing One Point Access Report Manager And Traffic Priority Tracking
•March 17, 2010
Codima Inc. (CDMA.PK) Leverages Global Roll Out Accelerating Forward Momentum
•February 22, 2010
Codima Inc. (CDMA.PK) Appoints Chief Financial Officer and New Board Member
•February 16, 2010
Codima Inc. (CDMA.PK) Summarizes 2009 –Launched Global Operations Introducing Fully Integrated Network Management and VoIP Products in Expanding Markets
•February 8, 2010
Codima Inc. (CDMA.PK) Announces Update to Corporate Profile
•February 3, 2010
Codima Inc. (CDMA.PK) Continues European Roll Out - Starts Operations in Ireland Extending Codima Toolbox To the Irish Market
•November 12, 2009
Codima Inc. (CDMA.PK) Ramps Up Network Inventory and Performance Introducing Faster Discovery, Customized Live Visio® Views and SNMP Poll Editor
•October 27, 2009
Codima Inc. (CDMA.PK) Accelerates Growth - Launches Operations in Latin America
•July 21, 2009
Codima Inc. (CDMA.PK) Introduces New Sales and Support Organization Serving England and Wales
•May 26, 2009
Codima Inc. (CDMA.PK) Announces Strong Growth In Q1 - Solarwinds IPO Fuels Network Management Market
•May 6, 2009
Codima Inc. (CDMA.PK) Continues Its European Expansion - Launches Operations In Scotland And Appoints Executive
•April 28, 2009
Codima Inc. (CDMA.PK) Expands North American Sales Operations – With Executive Appointments And Launch Of Regional Offices
•April 15, 2009
Codima Inc. (CDMA.PK) Continues European Expansion - Enters the Benelux Market And Establishes Operations in Belgium
•April 7, 2009
Codima Inc. Unveils autoPinger™ - Alerting Network Device Failure With Sound Alarms And Integrating Live Views In Visio®
•April 1, 2009
Codima Inc. (CDMA.PK) Launches New VoIP Stress Testing Tool - autoVoIP™ Blaster Sets The Standard In Pre-Assessment Testing
•March 23, 2009
Red Herring Reveals Companies Selected As Finalists For The Red Herring 100 Europe 2009
•March 12, 2009
Codima Inc. (CDMA.PK) Establishes Operations In The French Market

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