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Find out for yourself why our customers choose our Toolboxes to discover, inventory, map and monitor network assets and in pre- and post- VoIP deployment to optimize asset use, reduce costs and ensure technology investments deliver a return-on-investment to the business.

The Codima Toolboxes are also endorsed by Cisco, Avaya and Microsoft for network inventory, network mapping and diagrams, network performance monitoring and network analysis as well as VoIP pre deployment assessment and VoIP post deployment management.

Free 30 day Trial Downloads are available for these Toolboxes:

All-In-One Toolbox
Manage complex data and VoIP networks from end-to-end with a powerful and fully integrated solution

Codima IT Inventory & Mapping Toolbox
Track and map any IT network simply and quickly with direct visualization in Microsoft® Office Visio®

Codima IT Engineer Toolbox
Real-time network performance monitoring with bottleneck, path, protocol and passive diagnosis

Codima VoIP Readiness Toolbox
Save time and avoid unexpected costs by evaluating if a network can handle IP Telephony installation

Codima VoIP Monitoring & Troubleshooting Toolbox
Monitor Quality of Service and troubleshoot SIP and Cisco Skinny networks all in real time

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Download Codima Toolbox All In One Download Codima IT Inventory & Mapping Toolbox Download Codima IT Engineer Toolbox Download Codima VoIP Readiness Toolbox Download Codima VoIP Monitoring & Troubleshooting Toolbox

Additional Resources

  • A Getting Started Guide is available for each download to guide you around the Toolbox features and functions
  • You will also receive the contact details of one of our Engineers who will be able to support you in the installation and implementation of your trial download
  • A useful resource is our Frequently Asked Questions
  • You can also watch our on-demand Video Presentations for a tour around the Toolboxes as well as 'How to' Guides to implementing the Toolboxes

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