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Redefining the art of network management

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Codima Inc. delivers sophisticated, fully integrated and automated network management tools for data and voice over IP (VoIP) networks that are easy to use and cost efficient.

Our customers use our Toolboxes to discover, inventory, map and monitor IT assets and in pre- and post-deployment of VoIP to optimize asset use, reduce costs and ensure technology investments deliver a return-on-investment to the business. Uniquely, our ability to visualize ‘live’ complex networks directly in Microsoft® Office Visio® with just a click of a button, improves the productivity and efficiency of IT departments.

Our versatile and scalable solutions have been used by customers ranging from small and medium sized businesses to large corporations requiring centralized management as well as remote management of multiple offices.

In 2010, Codima Green, the environmental division was launched, specializing in recycling end-of-life electronics.

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  • Codima's management is made up of a solid team of professionals with many years of experience in the IT industry, from entrepreneurial and corporate backgrounds.
  • We believe ‘All Business is Local Business’ and have local operations with local language sales, marketing, and support for partners & customers worldwide.

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